My name is Chris Nastovski, I have been programming since the 8th grade. I am interested in full stack development and Artificial Intelligence. I was born October 5th, 1996 and currently attend the University of Central Florida as a Computer Science major.

I am currently employed by Siemens as a Software Developer. Previously, I was employed with Advanced Simulation and Training Inc (ASTi) as a Software Developer and the University of Central Florida's College of Arts and Hummanities as a Web Developer.

I do the bulk of my work in Java and am extremely proficient in it. I have been using Java almost daily for 5 years. I have also worked professionally in C/C++ and Python. After two jobs in the web sector, I have gained experience PHP, JavaScript (mainly JQuery, AngularJS, and NodeJS), HTML, and CSS (as well as the SASS preprocessor). I have also picked up many languages for single projects and have very basic experience with Lua, Visual Basic, and C#. I am proud of the fact that I am able to pick up a language in one day, and create a product within that same day. (See reddit bot, cs:go matches widget)


Android Game - ZENiTH

Near the end of my Sophomore year in high school (2013), a friend and I decided to make a 2.5D zombie shooter game for android. The game currently has over 450 installs. It features endless waves of zombies that hunt you down on a large map that includes obstacles and weapon drops. The goal is to survive as long as you can and beat your friends score, you can view other players scores in the leaderboards. View on Google Play Store

JS Application - Truth Table Generator

A simple web app I made purely out of Javascript and jQuery for my Discrete Structures class. Creation date 1/22/2016. Takes a propositional statement and generates a truth table in an easy to use and clean enviroment. View Here

Reddit Bot

Towards the end of July 2014, I decided to make a reddit bot. I decided to make a reddit bot that would pull stats about professional Counter Strike players into a reddit post on the subbreddit /r/csgobetting. The bot ran for several months 24/7 and the community became very fond of it. Eventually I took it down to allocate the host to another project. Since then, 2 people have stepped up to create similar bots because of the desire for such a bot. I take great pride in knowing I wrote the original bot that the community no longer can be without. More information & Source Code

Mac Desktop Widget - CSGO Matches

This is another project done for the Counter Strike community as well as myself in May 2015. It is a widget that updates every 5 minutes on the mac desktop and showed upcoming professional cs:go matches. This project incorporates Java and Javascript (CoffeeScript) as well as HTML/CSS. The main website scraping was done in Java and the info was then passed to JS and then formatted with HTML/CSS. More Information & Source Code

Mac Desktop Widget - Upcoming Events

I made this plugin for personal use only around August 2015. It displays upcoming events pulled from all my iCalendars (Home, Work, Holidays, Birthdays) and displays the upcoming events in chronological order. This plugin took roughly a day to make and it used a combination of AppleScript, JavaScript (CoffeeScript), and HTML/CSS.


I worked as a web developer as well as a freelance developer. Below are some website I have created:

Urgent Care Assosiation of Michigan
UCF Art Gallery
UCF Flying Horse Editions
UCF Latin American Studies


If you would like to get in touch with me about possible employment opportunities, freelance work, or any other comments/concerns, feel free to email me at



If you'd like to see this website buit from scratch, view it on a desktop!

Libraries used: Bootstrap Grids, JQuery, Lighbox, FontAwesome. Idea from pen#PwLXXP
All other code was written by Chris Nastovski, thanks for checking it out!